Orange Rili Shrimp

Orange Rili Shrimp

Galaxy Blue Tail Guppy

Galaxy Blue Tail Guppy

Red Rili Shrimp

Size: 1.5 cm

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Red Rili Shrimp

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Overview: Red Cherry Shrimp is one of the most popular shrimp among aquarists. It makes the tank look beautiful with its vibrant red color. The translucent patches in between and bright red coloration in the head and tail make the shrimp fun to watch. The three benefits of having a Red Rili Shrimp in the tank are that it makes the tank look vibrant, fun to watch, and controls algae. People with large aquariums often keep shrimps as a cleaning crew. They are good for algae control and waste management. Another good thing is they do not harm the aquarium plants. The scientific name of Red Rili Shrimp is Neocaridina davidi var. Rili.

Distribution: Almost all shrimps can live well in wider water parameters and survive in every freshwater aquarium. When the right water conditions are provided, Red Rili Shrimps attain the best color, remain fully active, and reach size 1.5”. Easily adaptable nature ensures that shrimps will thrive in all types of tanks. Since shrimps are peaceful and submissive, it is advised not to keep them in tanks that have aggressive fish. In such cases, shrimps are often bullied by them. As long as shrimps are comfortable in the tank, they will perform their duties well and ensure that the clean will remain clean.

Temperature: 20 to 25.5 degrees Celsius is the most appropriate temperature range for the Red Rili Shrimps. Under this temperature range, shrimps remain fully active and healthy and attain the best colors.

Water conditions: pH should remain between 6.5 to 7.5 for the best shrimp’s health and survival. TDS should remain between 250 and 350, and kH should not go beyond 10. When it comes to light intensity, low light intensity is most preferred for Red Rili Shrimps. Make sure you fully cycle the tank before introducing shrimps.

Feeding: Red Rilli Shrimps are fuss-free eaters. They will munch on almost everything that comes their way. However, they do not feed on aquarium plants. If you have a large tank where algae growth is major, we suggest not feeding anything special to your shrimp as they will eat up all the algae. In case the tank is medium or small, and there are no algae growth, biofilm and detritus should be given. You can also feed them blanched vegetables, algae pellets, left litter, and frozen food.

Breeding: For breeding, it is recommended to keep at least ten individuals in a tank in the beginning. It will ensure that you get a good number of males and females. The temperature should be a little higher in the breeding tank. Feed high-quality food to the shrimps for them to remain healthy for breeding. When kept in the right ratio, females keep on getting pregnant and lay eggs that hatch after 30 days. There is no need to shift the new ones in a separate tank. Make sure you give them plenty of food so that they grow up quickly and attain their red color. 

Do you know: Red Rili Shrimps are kept in tanks not only for aesthetic purposes but for scavenging too. They eat up all the algae and make the tank look neat and tidy.

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