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Glo Widow Tetra

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Overview: Glo Widow Tetra is a beginner-friendly fish coming in beautiful fluorescent color. It is a genetically engineered fish, depicting glowing colors, making the tank look colorful and aesthetically pleasing. The best part is these fish are easy to take care of due to their low-demanding nature. They resemble most easy tetra fish when it comes to their requirements. Under ideal tank conditions, Glo Widow Tetra can reach 3 inches in length, their potential size. However, they stay around 2 to 2.5 inches in most aquarium conditions. 

Available in the colors of a rainbow, you can add different striking colored variations of this fish. One thing that makes Glo Widow Tetra fascinating is they look normal under white light but luminous in the dark. 

Temperature: The recommended temperature range for Glo Widow Tetra is 70-85 degrees Fahrenheit. Keeping the temperature in the middle instead of the extremities will help this fish stay happy and healthy. However, a higher range of temperature when the water is slightly warmer than normal is preferred for breeding. 

Water conditions: Water pH should range between 6 and 7.5. Soft water is suitable for these fish. When it comes to tank mates, Glo Widow Tetra can be kept with non-aggressive fish like danios, Otocinclus, etc. snails, and even large shrimps. 

Breeding: Under proper water conditions, female Glow Widow Tetra is triggered to spawning. As it happens, the female belly gets swollen, attracting males to pair off. Maintaining temperature at 78 degrees F in this condition ensures good results. Females release eggs in the water, and as they fall into the bottom of the tank, males fertilize the eggs.  

Feeding: Glo Widow Tetra is not a picky eater. It loves to feed anything that comes in the way. It is recommended to feed Glo Widow Tetra a balanced diet to fulfill all its nutritional needs. It is omnivorous; therefore, it keeps a variety of supplements in its everyday diet. At the same time, live foods such as bloodworms, insects, and crustaceans can be given on alternate days. Flakes and pellets with a frozen diet are the most suitable food to feed Glo Widow Tetra every day. 

Lifespan: In general, the lifespan of Glow Widow Tetra is three years; however, different factors, like water conditions and the aquarium’s stability, contribute to its existence. When everything goes well, Glow Widow Tetra can live healthily for up to 5 years. While original and wild varieties live for seven years, it is not usually attainable in home tanks. 

Do you know?

Glo Widow Tetra is a shoaling fish, which means it loves staying in groups. If you keep a single Glow Widow Tetra and expect it to stay healthy and happy, it won’t do. So, you should always keep them in a shoal or group of at least 5-6.

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