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Snake Skin Blue Guppy

Golden Phoenix Guppy

Size: 1 inch

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Golden Phoenix Guppy
Golden Phoenix Guppy is available to buy in increments of 1

Overview: As the name indicates, Golden Phoenix Guppy possesses a beautiful and bright golden colour body that makes it look adorable. The unique black coloured eyes and reddish-yellow pattern coloured tail that resembles the phoenix bird gives it its name. Like all other guppies, Golden Phoenix Guppy is also a small fish that grows not more than 2.5 inches in size. If you want to have an exotic looking guppy fish in your tank, Golden Phoenix Guppy could be the right pick. The minimum tank size for guppy is 10 gallons. It can live well in all types and sizes of tanks. You can keep them alone or in groups; however, they prefer living in shoal more. 

Origin and habitat: Originally, the guppies belong to Northern South America. However, most of the varieties of guppies, including Golden Phoenix Guppy, are a result of years of careful selective breeding. So, it is a tank bred variety that makes the tank look very beautiful with its beautiful colours and special features similar to the phoenix bird. Guppies inhabit the upper layers of the tank, so you can find them swimming mostly there. Since these fish have the habit of jumping while swimming, keep the tank secure with an upper lid. It will prevent their fatal escape. 

Temperature: Golden Phoenix Guppy can withstand minor fluctuations in temperature. However, it is advised to keep it between 18 and 28 degrees Celsius. Under proper water parameters, the fish remain stress-free and healthy. 

Water conditions: The ideal pH range for a tank with Golden Phoenix Guppy is from 5.5 to 8. The hardness of the water should remain between 10 to 30 kH. Maintain regular water changing practice so that the tank remains clean and tidy. Also, maintain all the parameters in the suitable range so that fish do not come under stress, have better immunity and remain free from all types of fish diseases. 

Breeding: Breeding guppies is pretty easy, which is why most of them are developed after selective breeding. You can start breeding guppies if you intend to by getting a little expertise and training on fish breeding. Some extra accessories that you would require for breeding the guppies include a separate breeding tank and breeding box. It is because the adults eat up the fry once they hatch. Therefore, keep the fry in a separate tank.

Feeding: Guppies are not fussy eaters. They are omnivorous and feed on anything you would give. You can feed them plant-based as well as meat-based food to fulfil their nutrition requirement. Give them high quality dry and frozen fish flakes, vegetables, fish pellets and anything suitable as fish food. Keep variety in diet so that they can get all the essential nutrients to develop stronger immunity and better health. 

Do You Know: Golden Phoenix Guppy resembles a phoenix bird due to black coloured eyes and reddish-yellow pattern coloured tail. It is the reason why they are named so. 

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