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Yellow Lace guppy

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Overview: Yellow Lace Guppy could be one of the best additions to your tank as it shows a striking lace-like pattern that extends to the entire body with yellow colour. It is a tank-bred variety of guppy, which is a result of selective breeding. The fan-shaped tail and the overall round body of this beautiful guppy fish makes it a unique species in the aquarium. Just like all the guppies, Yellow Lace Guppy is also an easy to care fish that do not demand anything special. You can keep it in a wider span of water conditions as it can tolerate minor fluctuations in temperature and pH. It is a beautiful, peaceful, and easy care fish that is perfect for beginners too.  

Distribution and Habitat: Yellow Lace Guppy is a tank bred variety but indigenous to Northern South America. It is hardy and easily adapts to varied water conditions. Usually, you can find the guppies overtaking the upper layers of the aquarium and spending most of the time there. You can keep a single as well as a group of guppies in a tank. They are not aggressive with each other or with other fish species. A minimum tank size of 10 gallons is sufficient for these small-sized guppies. They grow not more than 2 to 2.5 cm in length and therefore do not require a lot of space for swimming. Yet, a larger space will keep them stress-free. 

Temperature: The ideal temperature range for Yellow Lace Guppy is 18 to 27.7 degrees Celsius. Although the fish can tolerate minor fluctuations, try to keep it in the advisable range so that the fish can remain healthy and stress-free. 

Water conditions: Yellow Lace Guppy often inhibits the upper layers of the tank. pH 5.5 to 8 and hardness 10 to 30 dKH is suitable for fish survival. Keep a lid at the top of the tank as guppies have the tendency to jump often while swimming. Sometimes these jumps become fatal; therefore, keeping a lid will secure the fish from falling down. 

Breeding: Guppies are pretty easy to breed. All you need is to know basic tips and techniques of fish breeding, like using a separate tank and breeding box. It will ensure that the fry is well protected from the adults. 

Feeding: The best part of having guppies is they are not a fussy eater. Also, they are omnivorous. So, you can feed them algae-based and meat-based food without any hassle. They love fish flakes, dry and frozen food, bloodworms, vegetables and many other varieties of fish food.  

Lifespan: In general, guppies have a life expectancy of 3 to 4 years. However, it depends upon the nutrition and water conditions. Under suitable circumstances, guppies live their life for entire four years. 

Do You Know? The beautiful yellow lace pattern has made the Yellow Lace Guppy a favourite fish species of many aquarists. 

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