Thailand blue guppy

Thailand blue guppy

Albino japan blue red grass guppy

Albino japan blue red grass guppy

Green Shrimp

Size: 0.5 inch

Qty: Price mentioned is for single fish

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Green Shrimp
Green Shrimp is available to buy in increments of 1

Overview: Green Shrimp could be a wonderful addition to your tank, especially when you want to make it colorful and bring vividness with different aquarium species. While fish are dominant in the tank, green shrimps make things look more attractive. The scientific name of green shrimp is Caridina cf. Babaulti and is believed to be originated in India and Malaysia. With the undemanding nature and greenish look, green shrimp is always in high demand. It is easy to care for and maintain until the water parameters are under control. This shrimp remain happy and healthy and make the tank look beautiful.

Distribution and Habitat: Green Shrimps are freshwater shrimps and have wider adaptability. They can live in freshwater tanks with no hassles. Although called green shrimps, they have a tinge of orange and neon green color, making them look more vibrant. When introduced in the tank, green shrimps flash eye-catching contrast color with the dark-colored aquarium substrate and make it look more appealing. The best part is green shrimps have an extremely adaptable nature making them easy to maintain and care for in the tanks. Remember not to put shrimps with aggressive fish like angelfish or aggressive barbs that can kill and eat them in anger.

Temperature: 24 to 28 degrees Celsius is the most appropriate temperature range for the Green Shrimps. When provided the right temperature, the shrimps live happily and healthily in the freshwater tank.

Water conditions: Green shrimps are peculiar about certain water conditions, among which water pH is one. The right pH level range is from 6.8 to 7.8, wherein the water types should be- kH 0-10; gH 4-14; and TDS 80-200. Under the right water conditions, shrimps can grow up to the size of about 1.4 inches in length. However, the most common maximum length is about 1 inch.

Feeding: Green Shrimps are omnivorous in nature, which means they can feed on a variety of food, both plants, and greens. They are also a great algae eater. So, even if you are not providing them anything or enough to eat, they will just start munching on the aquarium algae and fill their stomach. Or else, they can also feed on anything that you feed your fish- blanched vegetables, egg yolk, or any other fish food. In general, shrimps eat very little; for instance, one fish flake the size of a dime every day is enough for ten or more shrimp.

Breeding: Green shrimps breed easily and lay quite a few eggs around the leaves or on the substrate. Generally, the eggs of green shrimps are smaller than other shrimps, which is why the baby shrimps are also smaller in size and a bit hard to raise. Although these shrimp breed in large numbers, they are not the easiest to breed!

Do you know: Green shrimps are algae eater and therefore work as a cleaning crew of the tank. They can easily manage the waste and control algae growth.

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