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Albino japan blue red grass guppy

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Overview: Out of so many guppies, German Yellow Tuxedo, Blue Grass, and Albino Full Red are the three guppies that are popular for their exotic colors and vividness. Albino Japan Blue Red Grass Guppy, as the name indicates, is a cross between Blue Grass and Albino Full Red that looks so vibrant and attractive that you would love to have it in your freshwater aquarium. It belongs to the family Poeciliidae. Guppies are easy to maintain, and the best part is they make the tank look more attractive with their flamboyant colors. With its easy-to-adjust habit, Albino Japan Blue Red Grass Guppy could be one of the best introductions in your tank.

Distribution and Habitat: Albino Japan Blue Red Grass Guppy gets easily adapted to wider environmental conditions. It is one of the reasons why guppies are one of the most preferred fish among aquarists. At the same time, they are easy to maintain and care for. Albino Japan Blue Red Grass Guppy are widely distributed in parts of the world like Japan, Brazil, The Netherlands, Antibes, Trinidad, the U.S Virgin Islands, and Venezuela. This fish can live well in pools and streams and even huge water bodies where there are fluctuations in water parameters. 

Temperature: Even though the Albino Japan Blue Red Grass Guppy can thrive in temperature fluctuations, the best temperature for this fish ranges between 25.5 to 27.8 degrees Celsius (78 to 82 degree F). Keep a thermometer in the tank to keep an eye on the temperature and make sure that it does not cross the range too much to avoid any mishap. 

Water conditions: Tropical conditions work best for the Albino Japan Blue Red Grass Guppy to survive without any stress or hassle. When the right water parameters are provided, the fish shows full vigor and flashes the best colors. Albino Japan Blue Red Grass Guppy can thrive in both freshwater and saltwater aquariums; however, an aquarium with freshwater suits them the best. They can resist salinity up to 150% that of normal seawater.

Feeding: Albino Japan Blue Red Grass Guppy is a foodie and can feed on a variety of fish food. You can feed them home food like egg yolk, frozen peas, carrot, spinach, gelatin, or you can give them baby brine shrimp, micro worms, daphnia, infusoria, and vinegar eels (live feeds), liquid fish food, or ground flakes. Being a non-fussy eater, Albino Japan Blue Red Grass Guppy will never cause any trouble in eating. However, make sure that you provide them food at regular intervals so that they do not start eating the smaller fish in the tank.

Lifespan: In general, guppies can live for more than two years under the right water conditions and when fed regularly. However, it may vary from species to species. 

Did You Know?

Guppies were once used as an effective way of mosquito control. They were expected to eat mosquito larvae and help to control malaria.

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