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Red Rili Shrimp

Orange Rili Shrimp

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Orange Rili Shrimp

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Overview: Orange Rili Shrimp, as the name indicates, is a beautiful orange-colored shrimp that looks extremely beautiful. It belongs to the Neocaridina variety. Easy to keep and fun to watch, orange shrimp could be an excellent addition to a large tank. However, you can also keep them in a tank as small as 5-gallon size. If you are a beginner, Orange Rili Shrimp is one of the best to start with. They are prolific breeders and can live well with all types of tank mates. A tank with driftwood, artificial plants, and rocks provides shrimps with a good place for hiding and playing.

Distribution: Shrimps can thrive well in all types of freshwater tanks. The best part about keeping shrimps is they do not respond to changes in water parameters. However, like other aquarium habitats, when you provide water parameters within the right parameters, they will remain healthy, active, and exhibit bright colors. Also, they reach size 1.5”. Another good thing about shrimps is they are peaceful in nature and do not pose any harm to the tank mates.

Temperature: 18.3 to 29.4 degrees Celsius is the right temperature range for the Orange Rili Shrimp. Keeping shrimps under this temperature range will help them remain healthy and active.

Water conditions: pH should remain between 6.2 and 8. The general hardness of water can be anywhere from 4 and 8. kH should be between 3 and 13. When it comes to total dissolved solids, the range of 150 to 200 is most suitable. Shrimps are hardy aquatic species and can tolerate fluctuations in water parameters. A fully cycled tank with little or no traces of ammonia and nitrite will be the best.

Feeding: Orange Rili Shrimps are omnivorous. They will eat up anything across the way, among which algae is their favorite. You may find your shrimp cleaning up the entire gunk, biofilm, organic matter, and algae of the tank. You can also feed them some high-quality food for better health. Since Orange Rili Shrimps are omnivorous, you can give them blanched vegetables, unflavored food, frozen food, or anything healthy.  

Breeding: Breeding shrimps is not challenging. If you have never bred shrimps before, you will find it really easy. Beginners can try breeding shrimps and see successful results. It is important to maintain the right ratio of males and females in the shrimp colony for the best results. You can predict the gender by seeing the color and size. Females tend to be brighter and bigger than males. When the shrimps are well-fed and healthy, you can see results. Eggs will hatch in around 30 days. Let the tiny baby shrimps stay with their parents and fend for themselves.

Do you know: Shrimps do not lay eggs even though they are egg-laying creatures. Instead of laying the eggs, females keep them inside the body and release them once the time of hatching gets closer.

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