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Overview: For a beautiful and vibrant look, you can add Red Mosaic Guppy in your aquarium. The vivacious, bubbly, and bright red color of the fish is enough to give an exotic appearance to the tank. Guppies are not only easy to handle, but they also enhance the overall view of the tank. While the young ones school together, the older ones love to swirl around the water freely. Male guppies are smaller in size than the female guppies. The most interesting fact is guppies get adjusted to the environment easily and did not take much time to adapt to the new environment of the aquarium.

Distribution and Habitat: Wider adaptability is one of the most prominent reasons why red mosaic guppies are popular among the aquarists. Whether there are pools and streams or huge water bodies, guppies adjust in the water abode and can easily survive. They are widely distributed in different parts of the world like The Netherlands, Antibes, Trinidad and Tobago, Jamaica, Brazil, Guyana, Antigua and Barbuda, Barbados, the U.S Virgin Islands, and Venezuela. Wider adaptability, easy to care, and maintain and flashy appearance are some of the reasons which make red mosaic guppies one of the most popular fish among the hobbyists.

Temperature: The most suitable temperature for red mosaic guppies to flourish ranges from 25.5 to 27.8 degree Celsius (78 to 82 degree F). You must keep the temperature within the limit and check it regularly with the help of aquarium thermometer for the fish to remain hale and hearty.

Water Condition: Guppies are tropical in nature, requiring tropical conditions for survival. Water parameters need to be within the range for retaining the exotic and vibrant red color. The salinity equivalent to one tablespoon of salt per 19 L is ideal for them to thrive well and maintain the bright red color. Red mosaic guppies can flourish in freshwater tanks as well as saltwater tanks. They can resist the salinity up to 150% that of normal seawater.

Breeding: If the water parameters are within the range and requirements of the red mosaic guppies, breeding becomes easy. The perfect temperature range is between 22.2 to 26.1 degree C for the breeding purpose. Red mosaic guppies can breed in freshwater as well as seawater aquariums.

Feeding: Red mosaic guppies, as we said are easy to care, can feed on a variety of fish food. From live food to homemade, red mosaic guppies can munch on any of them to fill their stomach. They are not fussy eaters. However, you must feed them regularly, or else they attack their younger ones and other smaller fish of the tank and eat them. some foods which can be given to red mosaic guppies include the following- baby brine shrimp, micro worms, daphnia, infusoria, and vinegar eels (live feeds), egg yolk (home food), liquid fish food and ground flakes.

Lifespan: The recorded lifespan of red mosaic guppies is around two years. It may vary from species to species. Reproductive lifespan is also considerably long.  Females start reproducing from their 10-20th week. They continue reproducing until their survival. Males take seven months to mature and begin the reproduction phase.

Did You Know?

Guppies accidentally were once meant to use as mosquito control. They were expected to eat mosquito larvae and help to control malaria.

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