Albino japan blue red grass guppy

Albino japan blue red grass guppy

Red Mosaic Guppy

Red Mosaic Guppy

Tuxedo Koi Guppy

Size: 1 inch

Tuxedo Koi Guppy

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Overview: Tuxedo Koi Guppy is a freshwater aquarium guppy fish, popular among aquarists for its colorful and attractiveness. In general, guppies are extremely popular among hobbyists as they are easy to care for and maintain. The scientific name of Tuxedo Koi Guppy is Poecilia Reticulata and belongs to the family Poeciliidae. It is a livebearer and pretty famous among the breeders. The bright orange and black colors with a tinge of dark blue make the Tuxedo Koi Guppy highly attractive. It is a result of selective breeding and is perfect for beginners, professionals as well as breeders.

Distribution and Habitat: There are varieties of guppies in the world today because they are easy to breed. Among around 300 varieties, Tuxedo Koi Guppy is pretty popular among the aquarists due to its vibrant colors and appearance. They love living in freshwater tanks with other guppies. Peaceful in nature and cooperating, Tuxedo Koi Guppy could be a perfect addition to any tank. Make sure that your tank is at least 5 gallons in size, as guppies love swimming freely in wider areas. Include some aquatic plants as well as décors in the tank where this fish can hide.

Temperature: Guppies love when the water temperature is around 24 to 28 degrees C. When the temperature is within this range, the guppies live happily and healthily. Try to maintain the temperature within this range so that the Tuxedo Koi Guppy does not get shocked or feel stressed. 

Water conditions: The perfect pH for Tuxedo Koi Guppy is between 5.5 to 7 with hardness 10-30 dKH. Guppies can live in wider water conditions; however, when they remain within the range, the chances of fish getting sick decrease.

Breeding: In general, people keep Tuxedo Koi Guppy for aesthetic purposes; if you are keeping it for breeding, you have to make sure that the water conditions are within the range and the tank has proper filtration. Tuxedo Koi Guppies are livebearers and deliver fry. If breeding Tuxedo Koi Guppy is the aim, maintain a breeding tank where the fry can be delivered, or else the adults will eat them.

Feeding: All guppies are omnivorous in nature. They can feed on a variety of food like live worms, mosquito larva, daphnia, as well as blanched vegetables like carrot, peas, lettuce, and cucumber. Well-fed Tuxedo Koi Guppy is healthy and shows its best colors. You can give fish flakes, dried, and frozen foods that are rich in proteins to Tuxedo Koi Guppy. 

Lifespan- A healthy, well-fed white Tuxedo Koi Guppy fish can live up to 2 to 3 years. Also, they can be bred many times in their life cycle. All that you need is to maintain the right water parameters and provide a high nutrient diet for longer life. 

Do You Know: Studies have confirmed that in order to stop their habitat from becoming overcrowded, guppies have evolved to eat their young. Therefore, it is recommended to either separate parents from their offspring (it could be distressing for the parent) or filling the tank with plant materials to give the fry (baby) a chance to hide from its parents.


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