Yellow Guppy

Yellow Guppy

Red Swordtail fish

Red Swordtail fish

White Guppy

SIZE: 1 inch

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White Guppy is available to buy in increments of 1

Overview: White guppies are also known as snow white platinum guppy, metallic platinum white fancy guppy, or white Moscow guppy. They belong to the family of Poecilia reticulata. The white male guppies have a pearl white coloration and milky white pastel accents all over their bodies, making them unique and classy in outlook. These white guppies are rare and premium quality guppies. They cannot be found easily in any of the live fish stores. These guppies are hardy, very energetic, and very easy to maintain. Their rare color makes the water tank or aquarium lively and beautiful. These white guppies need peaceful tank mates to live in with because aggressive fishes can nip on guppy’s long and beautiful tail and fins, which will not let them thrive. Tankmates with peaceful nature like White Guppy will be best. 

Distribution and Habitat: The white guppies are indigenous to northern South America, particularly in countries like Barbados, Guyana, and Brazil. Java moss and Java ferns can become a safe place for guppies to hide inside an aquarium. Make sure the tank is heavily planted and contains rocks, driftwood, etc. for them to hide. Guppies are best kept in a small group; for every male, there should be two or three female guppies. 

Temperature: White guppies survive well in the water temperature of 22 – 26 degrees Celsius, but they are said to be more comfortable in 25-degree Celsius water temperature. Try the water temperature remains ambient so that fish can swim stress-free and live their full life. 

Water Condition: Guppies are tolerant of a wide range of water conditions, including water temperature, salinity, and pH level, but a pH level of 7 with moderate hardness is best for them to thrive. The typical pH range falls between 6 and 7 for the best result. 

Breeding: Female guppies can give birth to at least 20-200 fry per spawning, and their gestation period can typically range from 21-40 days. Female guppies can keep sperm inside them for up to 3 months, which can make them give birth three times per single mating session. If you are keeping white guppies for breeding, ensure that the water parameters are within the range. 

Feeding: The white guppies are not very picky or fussy eaters; in fact, they are omnivorous. They can easily feed on plant-based diets as well as meat diet. They can eat algae remains bits and pieces of water plants and mosquito larvae. But aquarists should feed them high-quality flake food, pellets, freeze-dried bloodworms so that they get proper nutrition and thrive, which bring their best form of color. 

Life Span: The white guppies can live maximum for up to 2 years for life span if they are kept in well and favorable water conditions with peaceful tank mates.

Do you know?

White guppies often interest aquarists due to their classy silver-white color. They make the tank look more attractive and interesting.

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