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Overview: The yellow guppy, also known as German yellow guppy or Sunrise yellow guppy, belongs to the family Poecilia reticulata. Though natural bright yellow color is rare to be found in freshwater aquatic animals, guppies are the only fish with that color. Yellow guppies have been developed after years and years of careful and selective breeding. The black melanin needs to be reduced in order to maintain the color, and most medium-sized guppies are seen to have the perfect yellow color. The yellow guppies need a tank of at least 20 gallons in size. These yellow guppies are hardy, energetic, and easy maintenance fish. They do not need extra care as they are undemanding in nature. The fully-grown adult guppy is 4-6 cm in size and makes the tank look very attractive with its lively yellow color. 

Distribution and Habitat: Originally, the guppies are from northern South America. The wide variety of guppies can be found in countries like Venezuela, Barbados, Trinidad, Singapore, and the USA. These guppies like to be around Java ferns and Java moss, which makes a safe place for guppies to hide. Guppies are excellent for inhabiting the top of the aquarium, but make sure you keep the lid or cover of the tank, or else they may jump out. 

Temperature: The guppies can survive a wide range of water conditions, including the water temperature. However, it is always advised to maintain a preferable water temperature ranging between 21 and 28 degrees Celsius so that they can remain stress-free and live their full life healthily.

Water Conditions: Yellow guppies are not very demanding about the water condition and can tolerate a wide range of water parameters. They prefer freshwater tanks that have slightly acidic water. The ideal pH level of the water needs to be around 6.8 – 7.5. Only a few of the wild guppies live in brackish conditions.  

Breeding: Even for the aquarists who are beginner, it will be quite easy to breed the yellow guppies in their aquarium as they do not need any extra care for breeding. These guppies can give birth up to 200 fries, typically ranging from 40-80. The ideal breeding should be inside a breeding box because the adult guppies tend to eats their fry when hungry. 

Feeding: Guppies are omnivorous. They like to feed on plants and meats as well. Brine shrimps, flake food, freeze-dried bloodworm, and mosquito larvae make a very good diet for the guppies, which can make them thrive well. It also helps them to brighten their colors. Guppies also like to feed on algal parts inside the aquarium and other decomposing bits of plants.

Life Span: Yellow guppies have a maximum life span of 2 years when provided with favorable conditions and are well fed. Though they do not need much maintenance, they will not be able to survive much if not taken enough care. 

Do you know?

Yellow guppies are a result of selective breeding. It had given them the peculiar yellow color that makes them look very attractive

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