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SIZE: 1.5 inch

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Description: Also known as Golden Moon Platy or Moonfish, Mickey Mouse Platy could be a very good option for beginners. They are easy to care and increase the beauty of the tank due to their lively, bright, and attractive colors. The name Mickey Mouse is given this specie due to the presence of a hidden Mickey Mouse design near the tail. It is not only easy to keep but easy to breed as well. That’s why it grabs the interest of both aquarists as well as breeders. It is a live-bearing species, which means it lays fry and not eggs. The size of adult fish ranges from 1 to 2 inches.

Distribution and Habitat: Very peaceful in nature and perfect as a community fish, Mickey Mouse Platy is a native of Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico. Mid-dwelling in nature, these Platy fish require a minimum 10-gallon fish tank size for swimming happily inside. They are easy to care for and maintain. Today, due to their peaceful nature, easy to maintenance and easy breeding habit, they are found everywhere.

Temperature: The right temperature for Mickey Mouse Platy ranges from 64 to 77 F (18 to 25 C). Make sure to avoid sudden temperature fluctuations that could bring the fish in stress and susceptible to diseases. When the temperature is within the range, the fish thrives well and live happily for its full life span.

Water conditions: Apart from the right temperature, it is important that the salinity and hardness of the water also remain the same. The ideal pH for Mickey Mouse Platy is considered best to be within 7.0 to 8.2. Likewise, the hardiness of the water should remain between 10 to 25 dGH.

Breeding: Platy gets sexually mature by four months of age. It can be sexed and separated after four months. The specialty is female Platy can retain sperms from the male for a number of months. It continues giving birth without mating. The fry emerges after 30 days of fertilization. Make sure you protect the fry from the parents and separate them immediately; otherwise, the other fish will feed on them. 

Feeding: You can give them live food like worms, insects, and vegetables. They are not a fussy eater and can feed on a variety of food like flakes, frozen or freeze-dried. You can also supplement them with brine shrimp, bloodworms, glass worms, etc.

Life Span: They typically live for 2 to 3 years that depend upon conditions like the water parameters, how well they are fed, etc.

Do You Know?

These fish comprise black dot in their tail that resembles two smaller round ears giving an image of Mickey Mouse. And that’s how they got their name as Mickey Mouse Platy.

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