Natural Volcanic Lava Rocks

Natural Volcanic Lava Rocks, 950g

Aqua Clay Gravel, 450g

Aqua Clay Gravel, 450g

Black Sugar Sand Gravel, 450g

  • Material: Marble sugar size quartz dyied sand
  • This sand can also be used for garden plantation and can also be used in planted tanks

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Gravels are the most important part of any aquarium. They add to the appearance, beauty, and overall look of the tank. Due to its black color, it adds to the contrast and makes the tank look beautiful. You can simply add it to the substrate and use against complementing colors of the decorative items. It will make the tank more appealing with its dark tone. The black color stands out against the rocks and wood of lighter shades.

Another benefit of black sugar sand gravel is they absorb the impurities and waste of the water, keeping it fresh and creating a healthy water ambiance. Moreover, the healthy bacteria like to reside between the black sand gravel, which makes them useful as biological filters.

Benefits of black sugar sand gravel:

  • Act as biological filters
  • Keep the water fresh and healthy
  • Work as an excellent decoration component

Instructions: This black sugar sand gravel is easy to use and set up in the tank. Empty the entire packet in a bucket and wash it until all the dirt is out. You can use it as per the choice and requirements and decorate the tank with its complementing dark color. It is advised to have at least a 2.5-inch layer of gravel to maintain a healthy aquarium environment. You may add contrast to the tank by adding white or slate color stones and bogwood.


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