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Limnophila Aromatica Green

Limnophila Aromatica Green

Cryptocoryne Spiralis Green

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Overview: Also known as Spiral water trumpet, Cryptocoryne Spiralis comes in different colours like green and red. It is a polymorphic species that has its origin in India. The long, narrow and spiral leaves of the plant make it ideal for growing in an aquarium and giving a lush green look. The greenish to brownish hues of Cryptocoryne Spiralis Green brings a dramatic view in the tank. It is a polymorphic species that can be easily found growing near the ponds. The robust growth, lush green colour and easy to maintain features make Cryptocoryne Spiralis Green one of the best plants for beginners too. You can use this amazing plant as a mid-ground or background plant in all sizes of tanks. 

Appearance: As the name indicates, Cryptocoryne Spiralis Green is light to medium green in colour with a brownish tinge. The long narrow, and spiral leaves give it a unique look. The leaves are strap-shaped to very lanceolate and have a slightly wavy margin. When grown in a submerged condition, the plant gets moderate size with around 25 cm long and 2 cm wide leaves. The best way to maintain Cryptocoryne Spiralis Green is by pruning it regularly and keeping it in the best shape. The plant type is a rhizome and shows robust growth. 

Hard/soft Plant: It is a hardy plant that can survive well in varied water parameters. 

Ideal water temperature: The ideal temperature range for Cryptocoryne Spiralis Green is 20 to 28 degrees Celsius. Under the proper temperature range, the plant shows fast and bushy growth.  

Lighting and other requirements: Medium light is enough to bring good growth of Cryptocoryne Spiralis Green. Nutrient rich substrate and regular pruning are the add-ons that favour the growth and proper colour of the plant. Under suitable conditions, Cryptocoryne Spiralis Green plants are not affected by the dreaded Cryptocoryne rot. Plant it as a mid to background plant and increase the aesthetic of the tank. The fertilizer demand, light demand and carbon dioxide demand are low. 

Ideal pH level: The ideal pH range is 5 to 7 for Cryptocoryne Spiralis Green. 

Do you know: Cryptocoryne Spiralis Green is originated in India and often found growing in submerged conditions in ponds. 


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