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Aquatic plants wholesale

Aquarium Plants are a real attraction to the aquarium tank. They provide optimal habitat for the fishes especially for the fry( baby fishes). It maintains the ecosystem of the aquarium tanks by providing good oxygen, food and also act as a good hiding place for the baby fish. Always try to choose plants that will suit with the type of fish that you are planning to have, because some aquarium fish tend to destroy the plants. Mostly all aquatic plants are very easy to grow and care. They are always good for gold fish and other similar fishes. There is a huge variety of plants. You will be able to buy some of the commonly seen aquarium plants in India here. Also get wholesale rates when you purchase in bulk quantities. Buy aquarium plants online.

We will not be shipping aquarium fish temporarily to Delhi, Haryana due to the current weather conditions. Will resume shipping aquarium fish to these locations only from Feb 2019 onwards and it will be delivered only on based on first come first serve basis.

You can still order Aquarium Plants, Accessories, Fish food to all locations across India.

Free delivery for all orders above INR 499 for Plants, Accessories & fish food.